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Gold Card Testimonials

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First Name Last Name Testimonials New Position
TimCahalEU was great and the people I met, gave me the strength to carry on when it became difficult to carry on. Thank youAsst. Director Human Resources
DavidEllmanExperience Unlimited (EU) was very helpful to me. I took many of the courses and met a few people and all of this kept me on track in my job search. I am confident that the members of EU will all find new careers as I have been impressed with the members and leaders of EU.VP Branch Manager
PatriciaSydnorThe one thing that impressed the client I interviewed with was that I lead workshops. Thanks EULong Term Temporary Oakland Housing Authority
KeithLightI kept workshop pointers in mind when negotiating a salary that is higher than that held by the previous incumbentDeveloper/Vocational Counselor
LiseBodineFantastic organization and dedicated members who really care about helping each other to improve, progress and ultimately land their next job. The team leaders put an incredible amount of time and energy in to keeping the program and organization on track.Director of Administration
AnnamarieCooperEU will make a difference in your job search with support and training.Scheduler
ChrisKwapnoskiThank you EU! I appreciate the support, the friendship, the skills and keeping me going.Clerk-Experienced level
BradJonesExperience Unlimited put me on the right path and provided me with the resources that I needed to prepare myself for the "real world". After being employed continuously for more years than I can count, EU helped ease the way to a new challenge! I can not thank you all enough.Administrator
AngelaSchooleyEU was extremely helpful in building my confidence to better network and interview skillsConsultant
BrendaBentleyI am so grateful for the networking,tools, & insights that I have received as a member of EUCC. While my participation has been short lived, I hope to stay connected with members of EUCC. Thank you for helping me relaunch myself and my career.Health Coach
LiseBodineThank you so much to EU. I found the workshops, leaders and overall support to be very, very helpful. Most of the speakers were interesting. The connection and help from EDD was terrific too. I highly recommend EU to anyone who is in between positions, re-entering the workplace or wanting to change positions. THANK YOU!!!!Director of Administration
DanElwoodEU has great seminars & inspirational speakers.Regional Facilities Manager
MichealSanderEU showed me the way to network which lead to the position.Director of Operations
BrentBowmanExperience Unlimited was a great resource during my career search. The member-led workshops were well organized and provided valuable insights on structuring a job search, updating my resume, and effectively using LinkedIn. The General Meetings were a great opportunity to network with other professionals, and the guest speakers offered worthwhile tips and perspectives. EU was on of the best components of my career search and I will me the group.Senior Finance Manager